CS 448M Spring 2019

Final Project


In this assignment, you will come up with and execute on a project idea related to MMM4M. We’d like you to come up with an idea that:

  1. You know something about and have a vested interest in.
  2. Weaves in some innovative use of technology.


  1. Set up a github repo for your project.

  2. Place a file titled “proposal.md” in that repo. This file should include:

    • Name of the project
    • Team members and their responsibilities
      Each team should consist of 2-3 students and each team member should be responsible for a clearly identifiable part of the project.
    • Description of project and overall goal.
      • What do you want to be able to make?
      • What is innovative about proposal?
      • What do you think will be the hardest part of the project?
    • Plan and milestones
    • Parts and supplies needed
      We may be able to purchase supplies you need as long as (1) parts that we can reuse for future iterations of the course, (2) the request is reasonable, (3) you do not intend to keep the machine.
    • References and attributions
  3. Make your repo public and submit a link to it using this form.